Eurochine Chinese Language School was established in 2008 by Mr. Su Caibin, Chairman of Su Group, and two principals, Wang Xiaomei and Chen Yan. The school is affiliated to L’Association Eurochine ASBL, a non-profit private association established in 1998 registered in Belgium. It is a public welfare school dedicated to promoting Chinese culture, focusing on Chinese language education, and promoting Sino-European cultural exchanges.

In the spring of 2012, with the help of the Flemish Brussels School Group, our school has moved to the Meertalig Atheneum Woluwe Secondary School, which significantly improved the teaching environment.

Our Goal

The goal of our school is to allow more overseas Chinese and their children to deepen the understanding and application of their ancestral language, and to have a better understanding of their ancestral country. To encourage local people to understand Chinese culture, learn Chinese language.

Our school’s teaching philosophy is to allow people study the language in a happy mood. We pay attention to  language communication skills, from oral to written communication;  connection with other languages; introduction of Chinese culture, etc.


The school currently only offers Chinese classes, and the class time is 9-11:55 am on weekends. The main textbooks used are Jinan University’s “Chinese” by  for overseas schools, and also equipped with “Happy Chinese” and “Pinyin” textbooks. Students ranging from 6-year-old children to adults in their 60s are mixed into classes according to their Chinese language level. For students who do not understand Chinese at all, an oral language class is organized.

Our Team

Our team currently have 25 teachers  (including regular substitute teachers who participate in various school activities). All teachers have a bachelor’s degree or above from a domestic or foreign university. Our school’s teaching team is a united and harmonious team. Most of the teachers are professionals in different positions. They voluntarily come to teach on weekends. The school often organizes teachers to participate in various seminars to continuously improve teaching quality.

School Activities

Every year, our school holds the “China Day” home-school activity, and each class displays their learning achievements in the form of performances. Our school also actively participates in various activities organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, from the summer camp for root-seeking trip before the epidemic to the online summer camp and China Grand Paradise activities during the epidemic. [more…]